BIOS File SPCH1001.bin for ePSXe, A Must

ePSXe SCPH1001.bin Download — There’s been quite a huge number of people looking for this particular file… SCPH-1001.bin. Good news… it’s here!

If you’ve stumbled upon this article, this means you’re looking for a real SCPH1001.bin file to download. But do you know why ePSXe needs one?

It’s because SCPH1001.bin is a PlayStation BIOS File. Basically, it’s a file that is embedded on a PlayStation’s chip, particularly Playstation 1. Here’s the screenshot where you indicate where the BIOS file (SCPH-1001) is.

 Download SCPH1001.bin PSX BIOS File

Can’t wait to start playing PlayStation CD games on your PC? Download SCPH1001.bin PSX BIOS by clicking here. Or if it still does not work, Google for it. 🙂

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