Alden Richards Stars CBN Asia’s ‘Tanikala’

Alden Richards Tanikala — The Kapuso young actor stars on this year’s CBN Asia’s Holy Week TV special “Tanikala: Ang Ikaapat na Yugto.”

Together with Amy Austria and Mike Lloren, Alden Richards will show his acting prowess in Tanikala episode entitled Unos, which scheduled to air on Good Friday, April 6 at 5 p.m.

Here’s the Tanikala: Unos episode synopsis:

Lupe (Amy Austria), a mother who wants nothing but the best for her family. With her husband’s inability to support them, Lupe turns to what she does best- witchcraft. In return, she earns money from her clients.

Her husband, Gardo (Mike Lloren) disapproves of her practice. Despite her screaming conscience, Lupe does not heed. She continues practicing witchcraft and hides her “secret job” from her children.

One day, her youngest daughter sees her doing one of her rituals. In her anger, Lupe becomes possessed by an evil spirit and hurts her daughter. She then comes back to her senses and decides to quit being the leader of the “babaylans”. But one babaylan chants a curse on her.

Soon after, Lupe experiences deaths and strife in her family. Her two daughters die, and Gardo takes their eldest son Angelo (Alden Richards) away from Lupe.

When all hope seems lost, Angelo encounters a life-chaging experience and discovers the secret to breaking the curse in their family.

Don’t miss this show on Good Friday, watch 3 episodes of Tanikala, April 5 to 7 at 5:00, only in GMA.

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