DotA 6.73c LoD v2c Map Update Now Available

DotA 6.73c LoD v2c Update Download –– Looking for the update on the mod map for DotA 6.73c LoD v2?

Oh yes, the bugs are already fixed! For those who have recently updated to DotA 6.73c LoD v2, we have the download link for the fix!

Check out the complete DotA 6.73c LoD v2c Changelog:

  • Aghanim’s Scepter working again
  • Improved Anti Backdoor
  • Fixed Fire Remnant
  • Removed Searing Chains
  • All extra skills working
  • Mode -s5 = -ak
    -sds5abul (pick 4 skill + 1 ulti)
    -sds6abul (pick 4 skill + 2 ulti) ==> level 5 up skill 5, level 8 up skill 6 (ulti 2) 2


Download DotA 6.73c LoD v2c

Game Modes:

  • -AP
  • -AR
  • -SD

Additional Modes:

  • -d2 – this mod only works with “sd,” provide choice of 20 characters
  • -d3 – this mod only works with “sd,” provide choice of 30 characters
  • -s5 – Adds to the usual four skills, but without ultimate skill, all four skills are from skills 1-3 of each hero (does not work with -s6)
  • -s6 – Adds to the usual four skills, 2 normal + 1 remote control
  • -fn – Fast Neutrals
  • -ab – Anti Backdoor
  • -ul – Unlimited Level

Source file: Mediafire

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