Crossover DotA 5.6 W3X By DarkWeaver

¬†Map Crossover Dota 5.6 W3X download¬† — The updated DotA 5.6 crossover w3x map is now available, thanks to DarkWeaver.

Download Crossover DotA 5.6 W3X Map

Game Modes

  • -ap (Allpick)
  • -ar (Allrandom)
  • -sd (Singledraft)
  • -em (Easymode)
  • -bp (blindpick)

Map Crossover Dota 5.6 CHANGELOG:

  • Using the Tango now gives the user a buff, which will prevent the effect from stacking
  • Assists in killing now gives gold
  • Recreated the bounty system when killing heroes and towers
  • Added a new hero “Master Chief”
  • Fixed some bugs in Rin’s icons and Demon Dash
  • Changed the special effects for amaterasu
  • Revised Itachi
  • The Castle is now changed as The Shrine
  • Diamond Dust now deals magical damage
  • Hellfire now deals pure damage
  • Blade Release Magatama now deals magical damage
  • Fixed a bug in Essence Aura
  • Stone Spear now travels faster, but it’s cast range reduced from 1200 to 800
  • Ocarina of Time and Dark Teleport now pings the minimap when casting
  • Hatred Impulse now deals magical damage, also increased the damage by 50
  • Improved the Dreadful buff model
  • Improved the damage of Alucard when in Control Art Restriction System mode
  • Also changed Alucard’s abilities when in this form
  • Revised Natsu’s ultimate
  • Revised Orochimaru
  • You can now share gold to your allies
  • Ichigo’s Bankai cast time reduced from 1 to 0.5
  • Reduced the damage of Shana by 1
  • Changed the projectile model of Ishida
  • Fixed a bug related to the damage dealt by Fira
  • Damage dealt by Ki Ball Rush and Death Comet are reduced
  • Effects when Rin is attacking when Kurikara is enabled are brought back
  • Changed the icon of Heavy Strike
  • Fixed a bug when Cloud’s Shiva dies
  • Fixed a bug in the damage dealt by the Slam ability
  • Fixed a bug in Link’s Hookshot and now deals magical damage
  • Revised Eggman
  • Fixed the outdated description of Allen Walker

Download Crossover DotA 5.6 W3X map now by clicking here.

Credits by DarkWeaver

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