Jessica Sanchez Sings Her Rendition of ‘Dance With My Father’

American Idol Jessica Sanchez Dance With My Father — Wow… just wow!

Jessica Sanchez is up first and decides to sing Luther Vandross’ “Dance With My Father” because her dad is being deployed to Singapore very soon. This is a highly emotional performance. I think Jessica looks amazing and sounds even better.

American Idol Jessica Sanchez sings "Dance With My Father"

I don’t wanna make this long, I want to share it right away! Here’s Jessica Sanchez’ brilliant rendition of Luther Vandross’ hit, Dance with my Father.

And here are the judges’ comments:

Jennifer: That may have been the best she’s heard that song sang. The tenderness and feeling and her vocal ability — it was the most beautiful she’s ever heard it.

Steven: He doesn’t think she can sing a song bad. Her voice is so much different than anyone else’s. It’s been a joy to watch her perform.

Randy: He’s amazed at the talent this year and they are all ready to jump on the charts. Jessica is truly amazing to him. She has the feeling in there and she’s making that connection. Congratulations.

Like it! Did you?

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  1. cherilyn cabangon

    wow …..amazing,,,i love it and im crying..i miss my father right now…gudluck jess..

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