Jessica Sanchez Top 8 Performance: ‘How Will I Know’ By Whitney

American Idol Jessica Sanchez Top 8 Performance — And she just sang another Whitney song. But this time, an upbeat one.

16 year-old Jessica Sanchez, who has a high chance on taking the title for this year, pays tribute to the late Whitney Houston. Jessica Sanchez’ I Will Always Love You video over American Idol channel has reached over 2M views, and Jessica is so far the idol with the highest number of AI channel YouTube views.

American Idol Top 8 Performance Jessica Sanchez

Far from the outstanding ballad performances, Jessica takes a break from the genre and took another upbeat song. But unlike the past few attempts, which gave her some criticisms, Jessica got this one right by receiving positive comments from all three judges.

You may watch Jessica Sanchez How Will I Know – Top 8 Performance Video below:

Jennifer Lopez says “your vocals just make everything go away for me, can’t believe they’re coming out of that little body.” Steven Tyler says, “I don’t think I’ve ever heard you sing where I can judge you. Your vocals are just fantastic.”

Randy Jackson says he got to work with Houston on the song, finishing with, “I can’t believe the maturity you have.”

The last part of the video’s pretty cute for me… poor Jennifer wanted to stand but Randy sort of like gave her the “Don’t stand” look haha! As always, it’s amazing Jessica!

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