DragonVale Breeding Guide: How To Get New Dragons

Dragonvale Breeding Guide How To Get New Dragon Eggs — It seems like the iOS game Dragonvale have made a huge appeal to online players! Well guess what, here’s where to start on how to get new dragon eggs!

Dragonvale Egg Hatching Breeding Guide Combinations

Just recently, thanks to my friend Cholo and Thryke, I was introduced to this Dragon-hatching game, DragonVale. At first I wasn’t that excited, until I found myself addicted to the game in just a few days after I started playing. I know I am pretty late since this game was launched since September 2011 but who cares, I am willing to help!

And for those who are not familiar with the game… you might just get as addicted as I am so beware haha! Watch the DragonVale official intro video below.

Seem to me that I myself am looking for a good place to know where I can get new eggs of this Backflip Studios hit game…

So here you go, I’m starting this thread and will be updating every now and then linking to every article that I will write on how to get each and every dragon egg that you need (or just want) to impress your other Game Center friends!

UPDATED: September 2, 2012

The list is arranged by category BASIC, SEASONAL and GEMSTONE in alphabetical order, regardless of its type. I decided to put it up on this type of order because most of the dragons are in hybrid, meaning they can possess from two up to even four elements.


Chrome Dragon

Gold Dragon

Ironwood Dragon

Malachite Dragon

Moon Dragon

Pollen Dragon

Rain Dragon

Seasonal Dragon

Slag Dragon


Firework Dragon



July – Ruby Dragon

August – Peridot Dragon

NEW! September – Sapphire Dragon

By the way, here’s my Game Center ID…

Game Center IDL in2jeff

Add me up and please send me gems so I can continue researching on these dragon combinations! Comment below as well if you found a good combinations so I can update this post. Feel free to comment on each thread to contribute whether you got a new breed of dragon using your own combination and just share your thoughts!

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