DragonVale: How To Breed Gold Dragon

How To Breed Gold Dragon DragonVale — The newest update was just released and together with the metal-similar creature, a new breed and type of dragon was released!

Just a few hours ago, DragonVale was updated to have released the two new dragons, in which one I have already written, that is… how to breed Malachite Dragon. Another one was released too, and that is the hot and cool-looking Gold Dragon!

The world famous treasure hunter, Thatche, was finding some of his spoils disappearing at night; with no sign of thieves he decided to pretend sleep in order to find out what was causing his treasure to vanish. To Thatche’s surprise, he witnessed a massive golden dragon swoop in and fly off with as much as it could carry! The wizards found later that gold dragons steal because they sleep on piles of gold for pillows.

How To Breed Gold Dragon In DragonVale

Can’t wait to see powerful breeding combinations to get this one? It’s actually similar to that of Firework and Ruby Dragons.

Confirmed Combinations:

General: Metal Hybrid + Fire Hybrid

Chrome (L) + Scorch (R)

Forge (L) + Crystal (R)

Iron (L) + Forge (R)

NEW! Chrome (L) + Blazing (R)

How would you know now if you’re succesful?

  • Gold Dragons breed at a whooping 2 days! That’s 48 hours everyone! Not only that, incubation time is also the same… 2 days as well.
  • Be mindful though, the same breeding and incubation time applies to Rainbow, Sun, and Moon Dragons!
  • Check out the look of the Gold Dragon Egg on the photo above.

This is another expensive dragon if you want to buy it directly, next to Rainbow Dragon. Prepare 2,250 gems! Also, get ready to give up 5,000,000 coins because this type of dragon live in its own new habitat, the Treasure Habitat. Get one ready once you find out this egg on incubation.

Don’t want this dragon? I doubt. But in case you got another and don’t want to have twins on your island(s), this is by far the most expensive dragon to sell. It’s priced at 5,000,000 coins! Yahoo! By the way, here’s my Game Center ID…

Game Center IDL in2jeff

Add me up and please send me gems so I can continue researching on these dragon combinations! Comment below as well if you found a good combinations so I can update this post. You may also check my ultimate DragonVale Breeding Guide for a definitive list of dragons that you can breed!

Enjoy breeding the new DragonVale breed!


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  1. Jericho

    Got it first try using Forge + Blue Fire. Try it. Having it on Chrome + Scorge decreases your chance as it also bears Firework and Ruby. But who am I to complain if I got a Ruby. 😛

  2. Andy I.

    Thanks for this! Got firework and then this Gold one! Cool!! Added you on GC now.

  3. Dragon lover

    I had breed the Gold Dragon with the combination of Forge (L) + Crystal (R) in my 3rd and 5th tried. My lucky day

  4. Tiamat

    Just bred a dragon egg – 48hr incubation time – hoping its a gold dragon – chrome (L) scorch (R) on the breeding island

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