DragonVale: How To Breed Seasonal Dragon

How To Breed Moon Dragon in DragonVale — Have you seen the unannounced dragon just a few hours ago? Here’s how you can get the newest Seasonal Dragon!

This new Seasonal Dragon is the latest craze to breed today in DragonVale. It only just appeared together with the Seasonal Habitat and Seasonal Flag. Get ready to breed for hours again!

It took the wizards a long time to understand and categorize the seasonal dragon because of its amazing ability to change with the seasons. Although this particular variety seems to follow the patterns of the Nothern hemisphere, there are rumors of a cousin on the opposite schedule.

DragonVale: How TO Breed Seasonal Dragon Egg

Confirmed Combinations:

General: Fire + Air + Plant Hybrid

Blazing (L) + Lichen (R)

Blazing (L) + Tree (R)

How would you know now if you’re succesful?

  • It was rumored that Seasonal Dragon breeds as long as the Sun, Moon, and Gold! 48 hours breeding, 48 hours incubating. Now that’s 4 waiting days for you, unless you have gems to speed things up.
  • Egg looks like a 4-way Yin-Yang symbol (whatever haha). Take a look at the photo above for reference.

Impatient but rich? Lol. Then have 2,000 gems ready. Also, Seasonal Dragons have their habitat, which costs around 750,000 coins. Yay! By the way, here’s my Game Center ID…

Game Center IDL in2jeff

Add me up and please send me gems so I can continue researching on these dragon combinations! Comment below as well if you found a good combinations so I can update this post. You may also check my ultimate DragonVale Breeding Guide for a definitive list of dragons that you can breed!

Enjoy breeding the new DragonVale breed!

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