There are times where you wish you could easily get away from all the city’s busyness; to find an escape from all the traffic, pollution, and the headache it brings combine it with all the workload we all use to have.

“Eme. Gusto lang talaga namin magbeach.”

So our group consisting of different delegates from around the world city decided to come to the pristine waters of Batangas Novembers 19 to 20 of this year. Wow, ang arte. Kung maka-pristine wagas.

Que gagandang nilalang. Tapos di ako naman kasama… photographer eh!

Bunker Dive Resort is a pretty small but decent dive-and-swim beach resort located in Bauan. There were plenty of choices to stay around, but this one was a no-brainer choice simply because one of our dear friend’s ex-officemate owns the said vacation place. Targeting most of the budget-conscious scuba divers, Bunker is definitely one of the places you can make and share memories on.

How To Get There

Not so really good with the directions, but to make your way there, you have to go to the parking lot first because you will have to travel by boat. Here’s a map:


Bring a good GoPro or a waterproof camera because the place is nearby a fish sanctuary and is bombarded with a bunch of corals! Take a look at some of the photos I compiled.

bunker-dive-resort-batangas-jeff-alagar-bauan-philippines-image1 bunker-dive-resort-batangas-jeff-alagar-bauan-philippines-image2bunker-dive-resort-batangas-jeff-alagar-bauan-philippines-image10 bunker-dive-resort-batangas-jeff-alagar-bauan-philippines-image3 bunker-dive-resort-batangas-jeff-alagar-bauan-philippines-image4bunker-dive-resort-batangas-image2bunker-dive-resort-batangas-jeff-alagar-bauan-philippines-image5 bunker-dive-resort-batangas-jeff-alagar-bauan-philippines-image6 bunker-dive-resort-batangas-jeff-alagar-bauan-philippines-image7 bunker-dive-resort-batangas-jeff-alagar-bauan-philippines-image8 bunker-dive-resort-batangas-jeff-alagar-bauan-philippines-image9

Sorry na. I don’t really do diving so no underwater shots for now.

There were a huge bunch of laughing moments: The ramp scenes, games, Magandang Buhay stints, and all the drinks in between. But this one definitely’s for the books: During most of the times we’re out of the city, we always tend to play this game called Catch Phrase; a game consisted of a timer and a plastic disc that displayed one word at a time where you play ala charade ala Taboo.

During my BFF Marlo’s turn, with conviction and confidence he heavily shouted:

“I faaaaaaaaaall? _________.”

Eyebrows raising, scratching our heads, it was actually…

EIFFEL _______?.

Punyeta ka bes. Sa susunod ibulong mo sakin kung tama ang pronunciation ha.

Overall, it was a great experience to be there. One last tip? Bring a crazy group of friends with you! The resort promises to give you the space you need, to rest and recover, to relax and reminisce. Oh and one more thing, sobrang sarap ng food so bring antihistamines if you want to enjoy seafood! Til next travel my friends!

Bunker Dive Resort is located in Brgy. Balite, San Luis, Bauan, Batangas. For reservations and inquiries, contact (0998)954-8553.

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