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I’m Opening A New Door: A Blog Intro

March 31, 2021. Still a day under pandemic and I have decided to redo my site yet again!

This is now going to be my new personal blog site. Back then it was home to the Philippines fitness sports and events blog, Pinoy Fit Buddy which was formerly branded as Relatable Fitness. Now having its own domain, this one was left with a static potfolio.

To be honest, I’m not yet sure on what I will put in here. I just felt like the portfolio site that this has been before isn’t as necessary now as I have already found my way to a new and better “home” on my career.

I am currently working as a Marketing Operations Manager for a steel construction company in Gnowarengup, previously worked for a real estate and construction company in Sydney.

This would also end up and my personal diary post dump, compilation area or the cover songs that I sing on YouTube, and most likely my fitness journey as I share it too on the fitness blog.

So we’ll see how it goes…

For now, here it is. Welcome.

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