Ready To Make The Fitness Blog A Diary

Another quick entry here for me! It’s been around 4 years since the launch of my fitness blog. From Relatable Fitness Philippines, now it’s called Pinoy Fit Buddy. I’ve been sharing some good fitness tips here and then, but I am very hesitant to provide solid instructions as I am not a certified trainer nor a nutritionist. But just last week, I’ve decided to take an e-learning course for a fitness certification! I have been aiming for this over the past few months, but never had the resources to do so. Once I am done with the course and I am certified, I will start sharing my entire journey and hopefully answer each and every query that readers would have so I could help them reach their fitness goals just as how I’m crushing mine. In the meantime, just keep following Pinoy Fit Buddy on the following channels please? Cheers and wish me luck doing the “better” blog this year!

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