Saturday, February 23, 2019


This is where I feature different fitness enthusiasts from our country: what have they achieved and how it could be possible for us to win our fitness goals, too!

Pinoy Fitspiration #2: Patrick Jerome Ngo

Previously, it was SJ San Juan who shared us his fitness story. And we can't wait to feature more of Pinoy #Fitspirations, so we're...

Pinoy Fitspiration #1: Jose Amando San Juan

Wake up with DETERMINATION. Go to bed with SATISFACTION. Relatable Fitness Philippines is about to start featuring different Pinoy #Fitspirations from around the country who...

READ ON: Are You Into Looking Fit or Being Fit?

In this world of fitness, there's always this struggle of starting their journey because they want to look fit, and some having the simplest...