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Tech Hack: How To Convert Your Globe Data To GCash

I was bored just a few days ago and after playing Genshin Impact, my Volleyball game, and favorite slot machine games on mobile, I spent some time playing around other apps, even the mobile tracking / bill apps! That’s how bored I was haha! But look at what I have just discovered.

On my current postpaid plan, I usually pay for a huge amount of data that I don’t seem to use lately, mostly due to the fact that in this pandemic, I am always at home and just using our home WiFi for internet access. So the plan I have, which gives me 30GB of data is something that gets wasted every month. Until I’ve discovered this trick. No more long explanations anymore let’s get to the point right away! Here’s what you will need to get some GCash from any excess data:

  • A postpaid plan with remaining data of at least 1GB. Each GB of data can be converted to 10 points on Globe Rewards, in which you will redeem the GCash to.
  • These mobile apps, both available on iOS and Android: GCash, Globe Rewards, and GlobeOne.
  • A GlobeOne account with a linked postpaid account on it.

Now let’s head quick to how you can receive GCash credits just by using your excess data.

How To Convert Your Excess Globe Data To GCash

  1. Log in to your GlobeOne account on your mobile.
  2. Go to “My Data” section, and open “Convert Data”.
  3. Choose the current data wallet to convert your remaining data on, then choose the amount of data to convert (1GB = 10 Points), then choose Convert. You will receive your points right away on your Globe Rewards account.
  4. Head to Globe Rewards App, and search for “GCash”
  5. Choose your GCash credits pack to convert (currently available is 10, 20, and 30 credits which you can avail repeatedly).
  6. Once availed, wait for 1-3 days for it to go to your wallet. That’s it!
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Quick Tip: Set an alarm the day before your data refreshes! That way, you can just convert any remaining data to Rewards Points before it refreshes! Hope I have helped you get some surprise e-money by availing excess Globe Data to GCash in here! Stay tuned as I will keep sharing my discoveries tech hacks like this!

Jeff Alagar
Jeff Alagarhttps://www.jeffalagar.com
Jeff is a digital marketing specialist, a fitness enthusiat, and a bodybuilding athlete. A blogger since 2008 and now just sharing some random ramblings on different topics that he loves to write about.

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