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Jeff Alagar

Digital Marketing Specialist, SEO, experienced WordPress Developer + E-Commerce Expert, and a Filmmaker.

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10 Years Of Experience In Web Development & Digital Marketing.

I have started doing SEO blogs since 2009 and learned about WordPress and Digital Marketing along the way. Previously employed in 4 different social media and digital marketing careers and is currently working for an Australia digital marketing agency.

What I Offer For Clients

Here's the complete list of services that I offer to clients looking for a specific project:

Web Design & Development

Creating your own website however you want it.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Run digital campaigns to maximize visibility and future conversions.

SEO & Search Marketing

Optimizations carefully done to gain search exposure and valuable ranking.

Film & Video Editing

Producing creative video assets for company or travel.

Social Media / Influencer Marketing

Enhance brand visibility by curating my social media channels with your products.

Work Portfolio

A definitive list of past and current projects I have worked on showcasing all the skills that I offer.

What People Are Saying

Take a look at these positive feedback coming from happy clientele.

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Philip Watson
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Emma Roberts
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Olivia Spencer

Personal Blog & Work Articles

Read my latest writeups and work updates.

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