Friday, December 15, 2017
Relatable Fitness Philippines Blog
Relatable Fitness Philippines Blog
Relatable Fitness Philippines Blog
Relatable Fitness Philippines by Jeff Alagar, a Filipino Fitness Blog

I am Jeff, head blogger and founder of Relatable Fitness Philippines. I’m not a fitness coach nor a fitness pro / expert. I’m just a fitness enthusiast who managed to stick to working out pretty consistently for around 6 years now. I’m able to do so because I have a lot of motivators that make me want to stay active. One of the major ones is that I want to stay fit for travel, and another reason is to keep myself away from serious illnesses, which I underwent the past few years.

So I’m here to hopefully encourage you to start getting fit especially if you’re a travel / photo / #selfie addict like me. This site will cover most of the aspects you’d want to learn about: workout, diet routines, personal care reviews, fitness gadgets, running shoes, gears and accessories, healthy food recipes, fitness centers, outdoor activities, and most especially, overall fit health.

Relatable Fitness Philippines Pinoy Blog by Jeff Alagar

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